paperback writer's club

Advisor  Ms Jha

Description: Many of us hold daunting aspirations when it comes to writing—whether that be a hope to write a book or a collection of short stories and poems—and we have no idea how to begin or how to motivate ourselves to fulfill this desire. The goal of this club is to aid you in these hopes, providing you with a space in which you can brainstorm, share ideas, individually work, and focus on your writing. In other words, the time in which we meet is time in a motivated environment for you to work on a longer writing project of your choosing.

Meeting Day and Times: Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays (beginning on January 5th)

Student Leaders: Sohani Curtis

Activities: The majority of meetings we will spend our time writing individually, however, students will have the chance to collaborate with one another, as every few weeks we would have a peer editing meeting in which we share our progress, and edit each other’s work to enhance it. During the weeks we spend writing, students will still have the chance to reach out to another peer or I in the meeting to ask for help or a suggestion. For the first few weeks, we will work on discussing what makes a novel and how to start one, giving tips on how to lengthen your writing and make it captivating to the reader. We'll each brainstorm our ideas for a book, and once we each have an idea of what to write, we will work on outlining our stories. Students will be allowed to write their book on what they please as long as they believe they’re capable of carrying it out for a longer period of time. This includes longer fiction books, nonfiction books, a collection of stories all pertaining to the same theme, or a collection of children's books, etc. By the end of the year students will each have written one longer book, or made significant progress on one. This club would truly serve an important purpose, as it would give high school students an opportunity to create something they otherwise would not have the time or motivation to create. It provides a valuable experience for those who may be interested in going into writing in the future, as well as those who have a passion for writing and just wish for a fun, enriching experience. Students will greatly develop their writing skills, as well as strengthen their ability to work with others when editing, giving feedback, and sharing ideas. Overall, this club will greatly enhance a student's collaborative skills, writing skills, and supply an experience they otherwise would not have; it can be very difficult to start a novel on your own, with factors such as motivation, a lack of ideas, and a lack of feedback often blocking the way when by yourself.

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