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8 red team

Important Dates

June 14 - Last Day of School


The above email will reach all of the Team Teachers at once.

8 red students

Team Announcements

8 Red Celebration Ceremony- June 5th 12:30 pm
You are invited to the Oak auditorium for an end of year celebration of your student. Photos encouraged! The ceremony will end at about 1:30 pm when students are dismissed to go directly home with you. If you are not present to dismiss your child, the students will stay at school until the regular bus dismissal at 2:30, or send a note consenting to allow them to be dismissed by a family friend. We hope to see you there!

Grade 8 Carnival Night- Tuesday June 11th 5:30-8:30pm
Free for all 8th grade students. Drop-off for carnival night is the gymnasium doors, pick up is outside the auditorium.
They will just need to check in with one Team teacher at the doors.

Grade 8 Field Day &BBQ- Wednesday June 12th school day
Please make sure students have water bottles, active wear and sunscreen. Rain date is Thursday the 13th.


Class Updates

Social Studies: Mr. Kewriga

We are wrapping up trimester 3 with a group study of major aspects of the Age of Exploration. Students are analyzing primary sources from Christopher Columbus, triangular trade and the beginnings of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and how the Age of Exploration impacted New England and the 13 Colonies. We will finish the year off looking back to each unit and the themes we discussed at the start of the year.

Science: Ms. Dillon


Our final unit of the year focuses on weather and climate change. Students will use their knowledge of density, fronts, air pressure, and weather symbols to make a weather forecast based on real data.
Students will learn about the uneven distribution of natural resources and how resources and living organisms are impacted by climate change. There are several assessments in this unit including a weather slide, weather forecast and climate change PSA/fact sheet. We will conclude the year by preparing for high school by writing a lab report based on the SHS lab report rubric. I have greatly enjoyed working with these scientists this year!

Essential ELA: Ms. Wallach

Our Nothing But the Truth Unit has been completed. The students were enthusiastic and on topic throughout the reading of this Documentary Novel about a student who causes a disturbance in homeroom in order to get switched out of his English teacher's class. He blames her for his bad grade which causes him to not be eligible for the school's track team. His story goes viral when an article is written about how far the student went with his rule-breaking behavior. The students completed an essay on Who was responsible for the bad ending.

Communication Reminders:

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  3. Instructions for accessing Schoology:
  4. Information about events, activities and PTO information, can be found in the Weekly Update email sent every Sunday evening.

Math: Ms. Mulcahy

Our final unit of 8th grade will be exploring exponential growth and decay and how quickly those patterns change. Within this unit, we are introduced to the concept of interest and how it can be a good thing to earn or a challenging thing to owe. We will conclude the year with students envisioning their future career and creating a budget to support their lifestyle. They will be looking for your advice and input as they may need to revise their budget.

Simultaneously, we will explore the basics of the stock market with a simulation on Market Watch. Although, the simulation may be unrealistic, each student will have $100,000 to invest for three weeks, it will provide the opportunity to discuss investment opportunities and risks.

Lastly, students may be relieved that ASSISTments are winding down. At this point, I am no longer assigning new content; I just ask students to maintain their account by completing the reassessment tests and remediation skills as they pop up.

ELA:  Ms. LaValley

We have been reading “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” aloud in class with dramatic flair and costuming. Students received feedback for a test on Act I; this week they extended how they demonstrate analysis of Shakespeare’s language on a test with passages from Act III.

We have also been drawing comparisons between reading a play and watching it (the live performance at Oak, and the 1999 film adaptation). The unit and year ends with a final performance project bringing a scene to life themselves to demonstrate comprehension of the characters. I am excited to see their creative interpretations of Shakespeare!

Essential Math: Ms. Miller

To end the year we have been skills necessary to solve one-step equations, and increase our ability to communicate our mathematical thinking. Using math vocabulary can be a challenge for many students and is a life long skill. Our final units will be centered around real life applications of our new skills through word problems and role playing mathematic scenarios. We have had a great year and I wish all my students great success in high school!

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