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Oak Chinese Class Newsletter

November 2018

Chinese Newsletter November 2018 - Oak Middle School

Dear parents and guardians,

你好Ni hao!

This month flew by and all the students are working hard on improving their Chinese language skills.

In grade 7, we started a short review of lesson 10 and lesson 11 that we had learned last month. As we finished learning all the lessons of Nihao book 1,  then we explored the new textbook Nihao 2.

  • After learning lesson 10 and 11, students know how to describe a person/friend by saying people's height and facial features. They are also be able to describe an animal by saying its size and what it looks like by using vocabularies and full sentences in this unit.  Students are able to say different foods and drinks in Chinese, they know how to say preferences on different foods/ drinks by using the sentence structures " 我喜欢" “我不喜欢” “我很喜欢” “ 我最喜欢” "我最不喜欢".  
  • As we continued, we have finished learning Nihao 2 lesson 1 as well. Students are doing a great job saying a specific date, which includes the year, month, date, and the day of a week. They are able to ask and answer people's birthday, the year people were born, and the specific day of people's birthday.
  • Now students are exploring Nihao 2 lesson 2 on "Time in a day". Students will learn how to describe time and activities in daily life.

Lastly, I recommend all the students use Quizlet at home to review all the vocabulary that we have learned and make their own sentences which helps them with language creation as well. Kahoot and Edpuzzle are also good for students to practice more in Chinese if they finished homework and have extra time to work on.

In grade 8

  • We did a review part on Nihao 2 lesson 8 ( eat in a restaurant) and completed lesson 9 (weather). Students are able to say and read different food/drink, explain why they like/dislike the food ordered in a restaurant, talk about food preference with friends/ families, describe how to cook different food and pay for the money when they eat outside. Students are able to describe the weather in different cities, includes weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy ...), highest temperature, lowest temperature, suggestions for bringing an umbrella and choosing clothes for the day.
  • We did a lot of practice with speaking and listening to this month. As the Chinese placement test for high school' Chinese class will be done close to winter break. We are now reviewing all the vocabularies and sentences from Nihao book 1 & 2. Also, we will have time on practicing writing skills by using conjunctions and phrases to let students be more familiar with writing paragraphs.

Suggestions on reviewing 8th Grade Chinese placement test:

  • Quizlet: it includes all the vocabularies from Nihao 1&2. Students can do matching game/ test mode at home.
  • Sentence structure/ grammar: I've uploaded all the PDFs of sentence structure/ grammar on Schoology that students can access to and download those for review. There are examples in each lesson, students can go over each lesson before the test.
  • Kahoot: there are a lot of practice sets that I created for Nihao 1&2 which is open to everyone, all the students are free to search and practice each set. Please see Schoology for more information.
  • Edpuzzle: I uploaded a few videos on it which helps students learn more on grammar, pronunciation, and culture. Feel free to check and answer questions on it!

I hope all the students do well on the tests and have a great holiday in advance!

If you have further questions, you are always welcome to email me. My school email is

Best wishes,
Yuan Meng
Chinese teacher at Oak