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Oak Latin Class Newsletter

7th and 8th Grade Latin Newsletters -­ MARCH 2019


solvitur acris hiems gratā vice veris
    Harsh winter is being melted by the welcomed change of Spring

Horace, Odes 1.4

Grade 8

Salvēte, parentēs!

We are now through two trimesters of Latin and the great beyond of Latin at SHS is in sight. Students have every right to be proud of their progress as they solidify their foundational skills in the language. As we finish out the year, we will add at least three more verb tenses to their skill set as well as so much more vocabulary. I am very excited for the next few months, as are your students. Eugepae!

Placement at SHS
The placement process is complete and students have been placed in appropriate Latin classes for next year. This does not mean they can now rest on their laurels! Students must continue to persevere for the remainder of the school year to master vocabulary and grammar topics. No matter where they are heading, this material will be useful for their success in subsequent levels of Latin.

Latin MFA Trip – Friday May 17th
Initial trip materials should be coming home for our trip to the MFA in Boston on May 17th. The cost of the trip should be around $50, which includes bus, admission and lunch at Northeastern University. Please send those materials back as soon as possible so we can accurately plan!

Valète, Parentès!
Mr Bellemer

Grade 7

Salvéte, parentés!

Spring is here and, deo volente, we have seen the last of the snow. We have just completed all noun endings for the 1st and 2nd declensions. Soon enough we will start working from the textbook Ecce Romani. For the remainder of the year, students can expect to cover roughly a chapter each week along with roughly twenty new vocabulary words. While this is a new and quickening change of pace for students, I am sure they are up to the task!

Stirps Romana
We will soon begin a favorite project on families. Students will focus on the importance of family in Roman society as well as their careful and detailed tracking of family trees. We will make great comparisons and connections with families today – so be ready to field plenty of questions about your extended families as students work to complete their own stirps Romana.

Vocabulary: it’s still the homework
As I stress over and over again, consistent studying of the unit vocabulary is absolutely vital to success in Latin. On any given evening, your students should be studying their current set of Latin flashcards for at least 15 minutes to promote their learning of the material.

Translation over Grammar
As we move through the rest of this year, students should know that the focus of grading and work expectation will be shifting away from grammar (endings, rules, etc) and more towards the application of grammar in translations. With that in mind, if your student still feels unsure about their endings or knowledge of the cases and their jobs, after school help would be a great opportunity to solidify those skills and gain confidence with them. Please encourage your child speak with me in class or email regarding any extra help they may need.


Valēte, Parentēs!
Mr. Bellemer