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Hello, parents and guardians!

In grade 7, Students have reached the end of the school and class descriptions unit and have taken the assessments. They should be able to use -AR verbs to describe various people and what they do in and out of school as well as describe in detail their own school day. Their new unit of study is all about locations of items typically found in a classroom. In January we’ll be focusing in on the classroom with chapter 2B, “Tu sala de clase” in which students will use the irregular verb ESTAR and prepositions to describe their classrooms. The chapter also uses classroom item vocabulary and colors to enrich what students are able to say. The cultural emphasis in these chapters is on similarities and differences in school, classes, and schedules. Students will compare and contrast their school and classes with schools in some Latin American countries and Spain; they will also compare schedules, report cards, and other aspects of school in Latin American countries and Spain to their own.

In grade 8, students coming to the end of Chapter 4B “¿Quieres ir conmigo?”. They have learned a variety of different sports, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and pastimes. Students are mastering the first of the stem-changing verbs they’ll study in 8th grade: JUGAR. Students use jugar to describe what sports they play. By the end of the unit they will be able to express what sports they know how to play and what sports they participate in. They’ll be able to politely extend, accept, and decline invitations to do activities. Other verbs that students will be using throughout the chapter are QUERER (to want), GUSTAR (would like to), SABER (to know how to) and PODER (to be able/”can”). Students will also broaden their use of the verb IR (to go), using it to mark a future activity. Students will learn about the cultural aspects of sports and hobbies in Latin America and Europe including the importance of fútbol and notable hispanic athletes. In mid- to late-January we will begin a unit on the family and family celebrations; students will be practicing their use of the verb TENER and practicing expressing relationship/possession in preparation for the high school placement exam in February.
Important dates for 8th graders

‚óŹ    Placement exams are February 6th and 12th, 2020

In regard to the placement exam: A study guide and resource links are posted in Schoology for students who would like extra practice. Students who need extra help should contact their teachers as soon as possible.
We appreciate your continued support in encouraging your child to practice, to complete assignments on time, and to use the language whenever possible.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year,