You are part of a community that is local and global - everything you do online e.g. post, write, like, friend, comment, pin, +1, tweet, message, IM, text, etc. defines you to your local community, teachers, parents, friends, neighbors, college admissions officers, future employers, the whole world. What do you want this “personal brand” to say about you?

Unfortunately, the reality is that you need to act as though nothing is private and nothing can be deleted. 

Behave as you would in the town square (because you are, it just looks different).

Be a credit to your family, town, school, etc. by being kind, thoughtful, considerate, polite, constructive, etc.


Not everybody has good intentions and not all information is reputable.

  • Seek assistance from a parent, teacher, or other adult you trust when you receive or find something that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Check your sources.
  • Consider privacy settings and take advantage of them when setting up digital accounts and be aware that true anonymity is difficult to achieve.
  • Guide your online choices and behaviors with an awareness of which personal information, habits, preferences, etc. advertisers, marketers, app developers, retailers, criminals, etc. collect and how they collect it, and the use and value of the information.


It’s important to respect others as your actions can affect them.

  • Seek permission for recording via photograph, video, audio, hologram, etc.
  • Respect confidentiality - Don’t reveal information from others that was only intended for you.
  • Respect the work of others - Pay attention to copyright and attribution.
  • Respect and conserve the resources we all share (wifi, internet bandwidth, etc.).
  • Follow the laws of the land.
  • Actively listen to others.
  • Respect property.

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