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Oak Student Council Newsletter

Oak student council

Contributing Authors: Jasmyne Castro, Ethan Jorda, Swathi Kannan, Alicia Kim,  Anasuya (Annie) Laha, Akshara Madarapu, Zachary Papper, Joseph Yu

Welcome Back!
     Welcome to a new year at Oak Middle School! The 2019-2020 year shows promising opportunities for students like you to reach your full potential in academics, sports, arts and much much more! This year, the student council will be putting together a wide variety of events throughout the school year for you to build team and school spirit with your peers. The 2019-2020 student council members include:
Alicia Kim - 8 Red
Anasuya Laha - 8 Red
Jasmyne Castro - 8 Red
Akshara Madarapu - 8 Red
Rayann Hussain Abdulrasheed - 8 Red
Pranav Bonthu - 8 Red
Emma Keeley - 8 Red
Galaya Lachmann - 8 Red
Anyee Li - 8 Red
Hailey Mercado - 8 Red
Krisha Patel - 8 Red
Rishith Prathi- 8 Red
Erin Williams - 8 Red
Luke Willingham - 8 Red
Swathi Kannan - 8 Blue
Madison Harper - 8 Blue
Nayan Kaul - 8 Blue
Hamza Mufti - 8 Blue
Fawwaz Naeem - 8 Blue
Paige Umile - 8 Blue
Trung Nguyen - 8 Blue
Joseph Yu - 8 White
Maanya Chitrapu - 8 White
Nevin Thinagar - 8 White

Mackenzie Crandall - 8 Green
Dylan Fanale - 8 Green
Judy Rodolakis - 8 Green
Naga Vikram - 8 Green

Breanna Jorda - 8 Gold

Samhitha Bodangi - 7 Red
Tanushreee Nekenti - 7 Red
Aakash Karkhanis - 7 Blue
Rishabh Katoch - 7 Blue
Kevin Tharakan - 7 Blue
Aadi Dixit - 7 White
Adele Fuzaylov - 7 White
Kruthi Gundu - 7 White
Varsha Swaminathan - 7 White
Rebecca Meyer - 7 Green
Ravindra Nippani - 7 Green
Abby Pacy - 7 Green
Zachary Papper - 7 Green
Ethan Jorda - 7 Green
Angelica Dacey- 7 Green
Vasudevan Lakshmanan - 7 Gold
Amal Nadaf - 7 Gold
Kaitlyn Shi - 7 Gold
Braeden Tonelli - 7 Gold
Macy Kent - 7 Gold

The Oak Student Council is a group that contributes to our school community by creating and organizing a selection of events and competitions throughout the school year. The student council is made up of students in the Oak community that exemplify Oak’s core values in their everyday lives. Last year, the student council organized the item drive, put together the scarecrow building, and updated the color cup wall in the cafeteria to name a few. We are very excited for this amazing school year to begin!  

Start with Hello Week

Our first event of the year will take place next week, from September 23-27. Oak will be participating in Start with Hello Week. During the week, students will be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities (see list below). Start with Hello is an annual program created by the Sandy Hook Promise Organization. The Sandy Hook Promise was founded by the family members of students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School whose loved ones were lost on a fateful day in December 2012. This program was designed to help those suffering from social isolation, and promote a culture of inclusion and connectedness. The student council hopes that everyone will benefit in some way from these experiences. We can’t wait for this week to start!

The different events that student council will be organizing during Start with Hello Week include:

  • Morning Announcements - Each day during the week, student council representatives will share one way that students can help to reduce social isolation and create a connected and inclusive community.
  • Express Yourself Contest - Students will be given a prompt asking them to describe how they can play a role in reducing social isolation and creating a culture of inclusiveness within their classroom, school or community — can answer via essay, poem, song, painting, etc. Entries are due by Friday. The Student Council will share/display entries and award prizes to the top 3 entries. Good luck!
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day - On Tuesday of Start with Hello Week, (9/24/19), we will be having Random Acts of Kindness Day. On this day, Smile Walls will be posted all around the school, in each team hallway. These Smile Walls give students the opportunity to write notes of positivity, kindness, compassion, and encouragement on post-it notes!
  • Wear Green Day - On Friday of Start with Hello Week, we invite everyone to wear green. Green is a color that represents the Sandy Hook Promise, and this activity has the intent of making everyone feel included.
  • No One Eats Alone Day - On Wednesday of Start with Hello Week, we invite students to sit with someone who may be sitting by themselves at lunch. We hope this will help everyone to feel connected to their peers.

We look forward to a fantastic year at Oak!

The Student Council

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