Our goal is to maintain an appropriate school environment that is not affected negatively by clothing or grooming choices that cause issues of health, safety, cleanliness and disruption or disorder within the school.  To this end, the school will enforce the dress code described below, according to the judgment of school personnel. 
The following are the school’s guidelines for dress/accessories at school and at school events:

  • Clothing that excessively reveals the back, buttocks, stomach, torso or chest is not to be worn. Extremely brief garments and undergarments worn over clothing/in place of outerwear are not permitted.
  • Armbands/wristbands with metallic spikes, points or studs, multiple safety pins, wallet chains, or any other items that could be deemed dangerous are not permitted.
  • Footwear is to be worn at all times.  Footwear that is a safety hazard will not be allowed, including slippers. 
  • Wearing hats or other head covering in the building, except for a medical or religious purpose, is not allowed.
  • For health considerations, coats or heavy jackets are not to be worn in the classroom and must be stored in the student’s assigned locker.
  • Items that are interpreted to be offensive or to denigrate others are not appropriate.
  • Dress or accessories that can be interpreted as representing gang affiliation are prohibited.
  • Items that promote or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs or encourage illegal or violent activities are not appropriate.
  • For special events, such as Spirit Week or Field Day, students are permitted to wear hair coloring, but it must be applied at home; face paint is not allowed.  For safety reasons, no aerosol hairspray is allowed at school at any time.

If a student is out of compliance with the dress code and cannot adjust their dress appropriately at school at the direction of a member of the OMS faculty or staff (for example, by putting on a sweater over a short top or wearing a sweatshirt to cover up an inappropriate t-shirt), the student may be restricted from class until a change of clothing can be brought to school by a family member.


The possession of/use of aerosol style sprays is prohibited at Oak Middle School. There is significant risk for student injury with use of such sprays. Students may utilize roll-on or glide style deodorant/antiperspirants.


Students are welcome to “roll” to school each day with a helmet. Students who choose to do so must use the crosswalks and sidewalks on the school grounds to approach the building entrance.  Students must be off their wheels once they get to the sidewalks around the school. Bikes are to be safely secured on the rack at the gym entrance to the school, skateboards in the main office, and rollerblades and “wheeled” shoes are to be stored in student lockers.   The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes, skateboards, etc. 


Electronic devices (cell phones, messaging devices, cellular watches, iPods or other similar media devices, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the student. These items should be off/on silent and remain in a students backpack/locker during the school day. Students are required to abide by the district acceptable use policy. Should these items be lost, damaged or stolen, the sole responsibility for addressing these circumstances belongs to the student and parent.  Any student using an electronic device inappropriately (including but not limited to: taking photographs or video for non-educational purposes, bullying or harassment) may be subject to discipline under the Code of Conduct.


Water bottles may be allowed in classrooms; if this becomes a distraction a teacher may restrict access. Food is to be consumed in the cafeteria only, with the exception of a snack or under the direction of a teacher. Gum and candy are to be used outside of school only. Students may not leave the classroom to purchase a drink between classes.


Issues that occur outside of school process often carry over into the school environment, and will be dealt with accordingly.  When an outside issue comes to the attention of school officials, they will use their judgment to determine the best course of action with regard to communicating with students, parents, and/or the Shrewsbury Police Department.  For example, bullying and/or harassment that occurs outside of school through text messaging and/or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. should be referred by the family to administration, and/or the Shrewsbury Police Department if the bullying and/or harrassment is suspected to be criminal activity.  Administration shall refer any conduct rising to the level of criminal activity to the Shrewsbury Police Department.  Also, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71: Section 37H½ gives the principal the authority to suspend a student charged with a felony outside of school and to expel that student if he/she is found guilty (see appendix for text of this law).

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