Test for Flexibility

Test: Back Saver Sit and Reach


To be able to reach the specified distance on the right and left sides of the body. The distance required to achieve the Healthy Fitness Zone is adjusted for age and gender.

Proper position:

  • Keep back straight and head up during the forward flexion movement
  • The knee of the extended leg should remain straight. Tester may place one hand on the knee to help keep the knee straight.
  • Hands should move forward evenly
  • Hips must remain square to the box.     


 The student removes his/her shoes and sits down at the test apparatus. One leg is fully extended with the foot flat against the face of the box. The other knee is bent with the sole of foot flat on the floor equal with the straight knee. The hands are placed on top of the other. With palms down, the student reaches directly forward (keeping back straight and the head up)

Suggested exercises for Sit and Reach

  • 3 Spiderman stretches on each side for 5 seconds each
  • Stand with your feet about 6 inches. Bend and the waist and try to touch you toes while keeping your back strait. Your hands may only touch your shins which in fine. Take 10 long, slow, deep breaths. Each time you breathe out try to reach further to your toes.

***Repeat 2 times and every other day***

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