Sherwood Middle School iPad License

1. iPad license will be set as my lock screen at all times.

2. I will carry and use the iPad safely, responsibly, and with care. The school-issued case will be on the iPad at all times.

3. I will only use the iPad when directed by a teacher and never in the NO iPAD ZONES (gym, bus, hallways, cafeteria, bathroom, AM homeroom), unless approved by a teacher.

4. I will be the only one to use or handle my assigned iPad, unless directed by a teacher or parent.

5. I will set up my apps as directed and, when given permission, play only academic games on my iPad in school.

Camera Acceptable Use

1. I will use the camera for educationally relevant purposes only, both in and out of school and will only take pictures, videos, and audio recordings (or use those taken by others) when given permission from a teacher.

2. I will not photograph, video, or make an audio recording of any teacher, student, or person without permission.

3. I will not create, or encourage others to create, discourteous, or inappropriate content (photographs, videos, audio recordings).

4. I will promptly inform a teacher or parent if I receive any inappropriate pictures, videos, or audio recordings.

5. I will immediately report students who are inappropriately using the camera/video/audio features (example: posting to social networking sites) on any mobile device to a parent, teacher, or administrator.

6. I understand that all images/videos/audio recordings on my iPad are not private.

7. I understand that my iPad may be selected at any time for inspection by teachers and/or administrators.

8. I understand that should I violate this contact, the consequences could be the removal of all network access, suspension from school, and legal action by authorities.

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