1.  Parent Pick Up will be dismissed in TWO groups:
    1. Group 1: Dismissed at 3:10. This is the LOOPING line only. There will be no foot traffic onto the playground at this time. All pick-ups will be in a vehicle through the line, only stopping to allow your child into the car.
    2. Group 2: Dismissed at 3:25. This is a “playground” group. Any parents WALKING from parent pick-up, or wanting to stay to play and socialize must wait until this time to pick up.
  2. Looping Line - GROUP 1
    1. Parents will drive onto the playground (map attached) and your child will be walked out to your car from room 21 (portable classroom).
    2. Parents will have a name plate visible in the passenger side front window with child’s first and last name.
    3. You may be asked to show your license as a means of identifying yourself if you are unfamiliar to staff on duty.
    4. Parents may stop after children are loaded into cars only after pulling ahead in front of swings. This should be a quick stop to adjust seatbelts, etc. Please reenter the line to exit when it is safe to do so. Please stay in line and do not pass other cars.
    5. If you arrive after 3:25, please park in the designated parking spaces and pick your child up from the back door of the portable classroom.
  3. Playground Dismissal - GROUP 2
    1. Parents may enter the playground area once ALL vehicles have exited the playground. Please wait at fence until the looping line is complete, then walk to the back door to pick up your child. 
    2. AT 3:25 you may walk to the back door of the portable to sign out your child. NO CHILDREN WILL BE RELEASED TO PLAYGROUND UNSUPERVISED, or before 3:25.
  4. General Information
    1. All kids will have backpack tags specifying to whom they may be released to and on which days. Any special pickups require a note, e-mail, or call to the office before 2:30. A special pick-up slip will be completed by the office for your child to bring to dismissal. NO CHILD will be dismissed without following these procedures. Please understand we are trying to ensure the safety of all of our students.
    2. Due to the disruption it causes during a hectic time of day, we will not be dismissing any students AFTER 2:45 from the front office unless it is an emergency. Please make plans ahead of time if you have early appointments to dismiss your child before 2:45. After 2:45, you must go through the parent pick-up line to dismiss.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are walking to pick your child up and immediately walking home (not staying to play on the playground), you may continue to have your child dismissed as a WALKER at 3:12. These children are picked up from the front door. We are trying to avoid any foot traffic on the playground area during the looping line dismissal from 3:10-3:25.

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