Coolidge Visual Arts

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Please join me in weloming, Ms. Callie Mulchay. She is serving as long-term Visual Art teacher at Coolidge.

12/5/16 December in the Art Room

Students are busy creating works that are new in concept and or incorporate concepts and skills from prior years. Kindergarten students just completed a still life of apples that placed emphasis on overlapping shapes with highlights and shades using warm and cool colors. Next they will be working on a piece of art inspired by Piet Mondrian. First Grade students have completed a "Bug" painting that incorporates symmetry, line and pattern. They will be working on creating a paper sculpture in the coming weeks. Second Grade students are studying nocturnal animals in their classroom and creating book on their animal. In the art room, students become the illustrator, drawing their animal in its habitat, with emphasis on texture. A book is not complete without an author's picture. Students will draw a self-portrait, giving final detail to the art and writing project. Third Grade students are currently working on creating a snowman image. The works are to  explore and emphasize interesting composition/view point and explore painting using a Complementary Color Scheme. Fourth Grade students are working to complete a portrait in the style of Picasso. Students explore the abstract approach to drawing and giving color to a composition.

*Please know that work will be coming home after the holidays, as work is being pulled for various displays and the spring art festival.

Student work displayed at Central Office ~ December through January

Art by Minda Shen - Kindergarten

Minda Shen - Kindergarten

Art by Jacob Anderson - Grade 1

Jacob Anderson - Grade 1

Art by Amy Wells - Grade 2

Amy Wells - Grade 2

Art by Nevena Zamor - Grade 3

Nevena Zamor - Grade 3

Art by Ashley Thibeault - Grade 4

Ashley Thibeault - Grade 4

October in the Art Room

Fall is certainly in the air! Students have been experimenting with a variety of art materials and techniques with the emphasis being on the element of color. Kindergarten students are painting scarecrows and 1st Graders are painting pumpkins, both learning how to create secondary colors from the primary colors. 2nd Graders are making "Wild Things" and learning how to create visual texture using various lines and light and dark colors. Third Grades are completing 3-D butterflies and learning to mix complementary colors to create neutral colors (browns). Lastly, the 4th Graders are learning to create tints and shades of colors by blending oil pastels in their "Pumpkin under Moonlit Sky' compositions.

September in the Art Room

It's been wonderful to see familiar students returning from summer break and meeting many new students as well. We have begun the school year by reviewing art room expectations and practicing transitions and routines. We've spent some time talking about the importance of good craftsmanship in art and always doing your best work. We're off to a really great start! Students are currently working on their Square One Art projects.

Art Class Expectations

In the Art Room

  • we are kind to one another and our materials
  • we take pride in the work we do
  • we learn about and try new things
  • we are creative and have fun!

In each grade level at Coolidge School, art students will learn and build upon new concepts, techniques, and materials.

Kindergarten -  Students will explore line, color (primary and secondary), shape (geometric) and a variety of other art forms including collage and clay. Students will develop an understanding of how to use and take care of a variety of art materials.

Grade 1 - Students will explore the use of line in art, primary colors and secondary colors, shape (geometric), and balance in art.

Grade 2  - Students will learn to draw overlapping shapes and demonstrate an understanding of foreground/middle ground/background in art. Students will explore warm and cool color this year and learn how to look for actual texture and symmetry in art.

Grade 3  - Students will be focus on complementary colors, symmetry, positive and negative shapes/space and be introduced to value in drawing/painting. Their knowledge of symmetry will lead to drawing self-portraits and radial symmetry. We will be making several connections to social studies with projects inspired by Early American Art.

Grade 4 - Students will develop a better understanding of the element of value in art. Students will experiment with color mixing to create tints and shades (monochromatic color). Students will be introduced to tertiary color, one-point perspective drawing, drawing from direct observation and form (clay).

Throughout the year, student work is displayed in the art room and around the school building. Every month 5 pieces of artwork will be chosen for display at Central Office (School Administrative Offices at Town Hall).  Here you will find the most pictures of recent work on display.

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