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Funded Projects

Since it's inception in 2012, the Colonial Fund has raised almost $175,000 for Shrewsbury Public Schools.

Thanks to our donors, over 4 years we have funded:

  • 3 inspirational speakers who inspired thoughtful discussions with our parents on advances in educating our children
  • renovated hands-on, project-based learning spaces at the high school and middle school
  • purchased technology and STEM materials for the classroom
  • contributed to the development of the Portrait of a Graduate initiative


Chad Hymas District Visit
The Colonial Fund sponsored a visit to the district by world renowned speaker Chad Hymas. Chad delivered an inspiring message of overcoming personal challenges and societal pressures to be the best self we can be. Chad mesmerized his audiences with incredibly moving, inspiring and often funny stories from his own life. Chad spoke to students in grades 7-12 over his two days in Shrewsbury and to parents in the evening. This presentation continued the discussion about how Shrewsbury can best prepare our students for success in a changing world.

The Colonial Fund funded the use of Thoughtexchange software to solicit input critical to the development of the district's next five year strategic plan. Parents and caregivers, staff and students all used this software to answer three questions about what our district does well, where there is room for improvement and what are the most important things our school and school district should focus on over the next five years. Unlike traditional survey tools, Thoughtexchange allows users to not only answer questions anonymously but to also see the responses from others and "star" the ideas they like best.  In this way, the ideas that resonate most receive the most stars and rise to the top as the most valued topics. Over 4,500 students, staff and parents/caregivers used this tool to provide input in a way that would not otherwise have been possible.   

Art Department Printer
Colonial Fund dollars were allocated to the Art Department to purchase a high quality printer to facilitate student submissions to local and state art competitions.  Art students, coincidentally, created the graphic design for the Portrait of a Graduate's website; the Portrait of a Graduate was a 2017 initiative that determined what skills and knowledge Shrewsbury students should attain and develop during their years in Shrewsbury Publlic Schools. 


High School Educational Television Studio (ETS) Upgrade
In the fall of 2016, the Colonial Fund supported the renovation of the High School Television Studio, using some of the $83,000 in donations received during the 2015-16 school year. Most equipment in the TV Studio was 14 years old and had not been upgraded since the High School was opened in 2002. An upgrade to HD increased the reliability of ETS broadcast transmissions and allowed the adoption of current broadcast/cablecast technology standards.  

ETS is one of the district’s longest-running examples of Project-Based Learning environments. For more than twenty years, ETS has been an important link between the Shrewsbury Public School system and the community. Students involved in the studio produce a wide range of programs that are cablecast on Shrewsbury Media Connection’s (SMC) educational access channel. Student-produced news, educational, artistic and documentary programs connect the community with the schools and the schools with each other. ETS students cover events in every school and at every grade level and provide support for classroom teaching through the production of educational videos. ETS also provides important vocational training for students interested in pursuing careers in video production, journalism and television as well as significant opportunities for students to express their creative and artistic visions.


Expansion of the 4th Grade Digital Classroom Pilot
In 2014, there was one 4th grade classrooms at each of our elementary schools participating in the Digital Classroom Initiative pilot program. Each classroom was given 1 iPad for every 2 students the previous spring, in an effort to determine how we might enhance the 4th grade curriculum through technology.  In 2015, an additional cart with iPads was purchased for each elementary school, to give more access to technology to 4th graders.

Purchase of 24 multimedia classroom projectors for the High School
New projectors were purchased to replace outdated projectors. The new projectors allow for multiple devices, such as iPads, which all High School students and faculty now have, to connect and share students' work.

An expanded subscription to LightSail, for our Middle Schools. 
In 2014, a subscription to LightSail was purchased and piloted in one 5th, 6th,7th, and 8th grade classroom. In 2015, the entire 5th grade was given access to LightSail, a library of over 80,000 digital fiction and non-fiction books available to students, based on their reading level. Teachers can see student progress in comprehension and writing as well as statistics about time and pages read. Students can see their own progress, which helps motivate their reading.

STEM-related classroom supplies for our Kindergarten and Preschool
Our Kindergarten and Preschool classrooms were given STEM-related supplies such as Engineer-a-coaster Activity Kit, Stand-up Magnetic Design Center, Design and Build Engineering Center and STEM Early Learning Kit.

Showing of Most Likely To Succeed
The Colonial Fund sponsored the showing of  the movie Most Likely to Succeed to parents and educators around the district. The Colonial Fund also sponsored the panel discussion afterwards.

Sponsored Will Richardson Talk
Mr. Richardson spoke about the important and complex changes and shifts that come with 24/7 access to the Web, and the new world of connected, networked, self-directed learning and creating, which has huge implications for schools. Parents were asked to be a part of the discussion on how to best prepare our students for a changing world.


Elementary digital classroom pilot
In January, we piloted a program in select 4th grade elementary classrooms. Each classroom had a ratio of one iPad for every two students. The iPads were used with interactive white board projectors for innovative learning experiences and engagement in the classroom. 

Interactive projector installation
We completed the purchase of several interactive projectors (part of an interactive white board system) for our elementary classrooms, two years ahead of schedule. All primary classrooms in grades K-4 now have these valuable, multi-media tools.

WiFi infrastructure at Shrewsbury High School
We were preparing Shrewsbury High School for a 1:1 technology implementation in the 2015-2016 school year. The school’s network infrastructure was enhanced that spring to allow sufficient access for 1600+ students and teachers to connect to the Internet and access online educational content, video, and applications.

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