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Usually a child’s first attempt to draw begins at about 18 months of age when they first bring a marker or crayon to paper and scribble. Gradually these random initial scribbles become more controlled and lead to lines, shapes, letters and representational drawings. Somewhere between the ages of 3 to 4 years, children begin to combine strokes to represent a person. At first the drawings are disproportionate and have minimal detail. Between the ages of 4 and 6 years, children become more aware of their environment and attempt to draw common objects they see around them. Spatial organization is still developing at this stage, so drawings may appear to be either too big or too small and positioned at odd angles on the paper.
While it is important to encourage a young child’s creativity, it is equally important to teach them how to draw basic and simple shapes and figures. Drawings can become a form of expression for a child who struggles with language or writing skills. During journal writing in kindergarten, a child is encouraged to draw his story or his thoughts. To help facilitate this form of expression, I have created some simple step-by-step prompt books.

The following website offers more step-by-step ways to draw some animals.

The following sheets illustrate the steps in drawing a person and some other common objects. Make a “drawing prompt “ book for each object.

  • Cut out each picture on the cover pages.
  • Cut out each numbered square on the drawing pages. Staple or bind the squares together in the numbered order to make a book. Attach the corresponding cover page to the front of each book.
  • Teach your child how to turn one page at a time and follow the sequence of steps in the drawing prompt book..
  • Use the blank squares to create similar drawing prompt books following your child’s interest.

Go here for the pictures to make the drawing prompt books

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