School Support Staff - Well Being Guide

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name title telephone e-mail

Todd Bazydlo

Principal 508-841-8800

Jeff Lizotte

Assistant Principal 508-841-8843

Greg Nevader

Assistant Principal 508-841-8817

PJ O'Connell

Assistant Principal 508-841-8814

Maureen Monopoli

Assistant Principal 508-841-8843

Michele LeMay

School Psychologist 508-841-2025

Mark Spisto

School Psychologist 508-841-8850

Sue Donofrio

Adjustment Counselor, Transitions Program 508-841-8857

Keri Vokes

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8876

Jessica Rice

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8834

Nga Huynh

Director of School Counseling 508-841-8824

Lee Diamantopoulos

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8852

Susan Eriole

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8830

Katheen Floyd

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8818

Frank Flynn

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8851

Jammie Lussie

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8827

Judith O'Connor

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8829

Tiffany Vega

Guidance Counselor 508-841-8715

Pamela Johnson

School Nurse 508-841-8822

Brenda Filiere

School Nurse 508-841-8768

Michele Rogers

School Nurse 508-841-8822

Name Title telePhone E-Mail

Ann Jones

Principal 508-841-1210

Anne Koertge

Assistant Principal 508-841-1205

Scott Yonker

Assistant Principal 508-841-1213

Mindy Sefton

School Psychologist 508-841-1202

Kristen Minio

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-1212

Jennifer Lencioni

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-1214

Laura Candelaria

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-1240

Lisa Arteca

School Nurse 508-841-1204

Maureen Pellizzari

School Nurse 508-841-1204

Name Title telephone e-mail

Jonathan Kelly

Principal 508-841-8675

Heather Gablaski

Assistant Principal 508-841-8672

Karen Gutekanst

Assistant Principal 508-841-8673

Aaron Gritter

School Psychologist 508-841-8679

Kelly O'Connell

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8688

Rebecca Connole

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8680

Jennifer Bolt

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8658

Amy Wallace

Adjustment Counselor, Transitions Proogram 508-841-8636

Kristin Franger

School Nurse 508-841-8678

Linda Berard

School Nurse 508-841-8678

name title telephone e-mail

Tiffany Ostrander

Principal 508-841-8880

Brittany Johnson

School Psychologist 508-841-8890

Katrice Theroux

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8897

Katie ZImmermann

School Nurse            508-841-8887

name title telephone e-mail

Lisa McCubrey

Principal 508-841-8720

Gina Kelly

Assistant Principal 508-841-8720

Cara Demoga

School Psychologist 508-841-8472

Suzanne Margiano

School Psychologist 508-841-8722

Megan Moran

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8742

Kristin Stewich

School Nurse 508-841-8729

Julie Hamilton

School Nurse 508-841-8729

name title telephone e-mail

Wendy Bell

Principal 508-841-8626

Angelina Adams

School Psychologist 508-841-8621

Lisa Smith

School Nurse 508-841-8632

Kara Richardson

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8714

name title telephone e-mail

Bryan Mabie

Principal 508-841-8700

Laura Braun-Lush

School Psychologist 508-841-1515

Rebecca Carle

School Nurse 508-841-8706

Kara Richardson

Adjustment Counselor 508-841-8714

name title telephone e-mail

Chris Girardi

Principal 508-841-8865

Lisa Drobinski

School Psychologist 508-841-8863

Ann Lambert

School Nurse 508-841-8870

name title telephone e-mail

Lisa Robinson

Principal 508-841-8646

Debra Cushman

School Psychologist 508-841-4214

Sandy Sorenson

School Nurse 508-841-8669

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