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“Respect is Our Cornerstone”

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To become a world class middle school where all students are prepared academically, socially, emotionally, and physically for success in high school and beyond.

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Dear OMS Students,

We are looking forward to working with you to help make this school year your best one yet.  This handbook provides very important information and expectations that you and your parents should know in order to ensure a successful experience in seventh or eighth grade.  Our school’s motto, Respect is Our Cornerstone, represents the key to making the school year ahead a successful one. These words are more than just a slogan—they represent the core belief on which we build a school where you can achieve academic success while developing your social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  

The most important thing that happens at OMS each day is learning.  In the year ahead learning will take place many different ways – in classrooms, through after school activities, on field trips, and through community service projects. We urge you to give your best effort each day in all that you do.  We believe strongly—and research shows—that how hard you work to meet expectations is the most important factor in how successful you are as a student.  As educator Jeff Howard says, “Smart isn’t something that you just are—smart is something that you get.”  Your teachers will be clear about what is expected of you, and they will do their best to help you learn as much as possible, but ultimately your choices regarding how hard you try and how you treat others will make the biggest difference in your success.  Each day we want you to be respectful, work hard, and have fun.

There are many ways that you can benefit from your experience at OMS.  In addition to your learning experiences in the core subjects, allied arts, and foreign language, there are many opportunities for you to participate in exciting activities, including academic competition teams, music and drama, clubs, athletics, student government, and community service.  We hope that you take advantage of what our school has to offer by taking part in one or more of these great activities so that you get the most out of your education.  

We are committed to helping you be as successful as possible at school.  While we have very high expectations for your learning and your behavior, we realize you may experience difficulties, and we are always willing to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to come to any of us with questions or concerns so that we can assist you.
We believe that, together, we can make OMS one of the best middle schools anywhere.  We look forward to working with you to help you succeed. 

Dr. Jones
Mrs. Koertge
Mr. Yonker


Respect is our cornerstone, on which we build a school community where:

  • We demonstrate honesty, integrity, courtesy, and kindness
  • We act on the belief that effective effort is the key to success
  • We engage in active learning that promotes understanding of our ever-changing world
  • We accept each individual unconditionally, honor our diversity, and help one another and the community
  • We share the responsibility for continuous improvement and collaborate in order to maximize learning for all
  • We celebrate effort, creativity, courage, and excellence

You are expected to follow all rules and policies set forth in this handbook and communicated to you by your administrators and teachers.  You will be graded on the following areas on progress reports and report cards so that you and your parents know how well you are doing in meeting your responsibilities. You are expected to:

  • Act with respect towards everyone
  • Participate actively in class discussions and activities
  • Be on time, prepared and organized for each class and activity
  • Complete your homework according to expectations and submit it on time 

If you give your best effort in each of these categories, you will be successful.


Every adult at OMS will do all that we can to help make this school year a great one for you.  If there is anything that isn’t going well for you, talk with your parents, a teacher, counselor, administrator or other adult you trust.  We can solve problems best by working together. Have a great year!