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8 White Newsletter

May 2019


8 white theme day

End of the Year Info To Know

It’s fast approaching and there is a lot happening! One of the most important events is the 8 White Team Celebration on June 7th at 12:30pm. The Team Celebration is a special event which is planned and organized by
your children (with a little guidance from us). During the celebration some of our team members will share their talents, we will share a slide show recapping events from the year, and we will recognize each member of our team. It’s a bitter sweet time for us teachers, but we are proud of the progress each of your children has made this year. We hope you will be able to join us on Friday, June 7th. Family and friends are invited. Below are the key dates and events:

June 7th - 8 White Team Celebration - 12:30pm in the Auditorium

June 11th - 8th Grade Carnival Night - 5:30 to 8:30
For 8th Graders Only- Free Admission
A night a fun games & inflatables, an all you can eat Sundae Bar, Cotton Candy and Popcorn, Astonishing Magic by Street Magician Max Cruz, Face Painting, A Hands-On exhibition by New England Reptile Shows, A Photo booth, a live episode of 8th Grade Family Feud (hosted by a certain bald, not Steve Harvey) and the night is capped off with an incredibly hilarious show by world renowned entertainer and hypnotist, Dan Candell. It’s a night no 8th grader will want to miss!

June 12th- 8th Grade Field Day (rain date June 13th)
This all day event is highlighted with a full morning of fun competition among the 8th grade teams where 8 White will try to regain the title of "COLOR CUP CHAMPIONS.” Students should dress accordingly and be prepared with sunblock and a drink. Students will be treated to a BBQ lunch (however they can bring a lunch if they wish-the Cafeteria will not be open to 8th graders). As a special treat, we will be entertained by Mike Piazza and his Flying High Frisbee Dogs with an awesome (and very cute) frisbee dog acrobatic show.

June 14th- 8th Grade Awards Ceremony - Half day and our last day of school. You will be notified within the next few weeks if your child will be receiving an award at this ceremony.

World History

We've been very busy in World History this Spring. Students have been investigating one of the most pivotal eras in History, The Renaissance. The Renaissance marked a "rebirth" of art, learning and culture. We've spent a lot of time learning about great Renaissance artists and their wonderful works that have inspired generations. Students have a better appreciation for art, and in fact, are able to discern the differences between
Classical, Medieval and Renaissance art. They've truly become Art Connoisseurs! We will close out the year investigating both the Reformation in Europe as well as the Age of Exploration.

Lastly, an additional focus we studied during the Renaissance was the philosophy of Humanism, a new way of thinking that sprouted during this time. One of the things Humanists wish to accomplish is to cherish life experiences and "stop and smell the roses." This is something I've tried to instill with our students. As the great Ferris Bueller famously said "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." So very true! We've talked a lot about how our time together is nearing an end and this is their only go around in 8th grade (unless they make a INSANE career choice!) We've discussed about enjoying it. Taking in as much as we can as many of them will begin different paths next year and beyond. I know I can speak for all of the 8 White teachers by saying we've greatly enjoyed our time with your children this year and despite everyone's eyes on the Summer vacation, we are enjoying every day we get to spend with them.

English/Language Arts 

Who am I? What is freedom? How does freedom affect a person’s identity? How and why are mentors important?

These are a few of the Essential Questions we have explored as we read the novel Crispin, the Cross of Lead. We have shared interesting discussions about the characters, the importance of understanding how the setting impacts a novel, and how many of the issues that the main character, Crispin, faced in the Middle Ages are still relevant today. In fact, to make our research paper more focused on issues we currently face, I created research topics which are overarching between the Middle Ages and today. The research topics include: Lead and Lead Contamination, Vaccines, Slavery, Climate Change, Child Labor, Hunger, and Education. Your children have created questions about their topics to help them focus their research. They are also learning how to effectively find relevant information using data bases, books, and websites. They are learning research skills that will carry them through high school and beyond. The research paper is due on May 22nd.

After we finish our research, we’ll do a quick dive into William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This play is a comedy about mixed up love and it is a great entry point into the world of the Bard. Thanks to the PTO we are fortunate to have the opportunity to see a live performance of the play! It is a production by the Classic Repertory Company, and the entire 8th grade class will watch the play together.

As Mr. P. said, we truly have enjoyed the opportunity to be a slice of your children’s lives this year. It has been a privilege to watch them and guide them as the continue to grow and become young adults. We relish these last few weeks with them and will miss them next year.


In science, students are wrapping up their learning of energy and heat transfer. They have explored energy efficiency in real life scenarios and have even built their own roller coasters! Their designs displayed where gravitational potential energy as well as kinetic energy can be seen.

8 white science projects

Students have also analyzed what type of layout would produce the best roller coaster and why. Essential questions for this unit include: How does energy transfer through various systems in the natural world? What is the relationship between forces and energy?


In math class, it is all about equations equations and more equations! We did several units on geometry and now back to algebra. Students are using "x" and "y" to represent unknown values and solving all sorts of riddles and word problems using equations, tables, graphs or just guess and check! In the geometry unit, we learned about different
types of transformations and got to meet DARRT, the fish that helped demonstrate the movements. Our last unit will be about exponential growth and decay. Students will complete a budget project, where they will get fake jobs, fake money, and create a budget for their fake adult life!

Essential Math

Over the last few weeks our focus has been on simplifying and solving equations with exponents, and now we are progressing to systems of equations. These final two units bring together all of the skills we have been working on all year. It’s wonderful to see the students makes sense and use of all of their learning. We will wrap up the year with some real life budgeting scenarios, then off to high school!