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Mission & Vision Statement

The Visual Art Department fosters an inclusive learning environment.  We focus on creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the development of innovative technical skills. Our vision is for students to be open-minded, culturally aware, responsible contributors, developing a life-long appreciation for art.    


Next Thursday, May 17th - SHS will hold their Art Festival in the Commons starting at 6pm.  An awards ceremony will take place at 7pm in the Commons.  All are welcome to attend!


ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE SCHOOL held the ART FESTIVAL at SHERWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL on SATURDAY, MAY 6th from 10am-2pm - It was a huge success in its new location.  Thank you to the student performers and all those who came out to see the work.  

• Artwork from students in grades 5-12is on display at Central Office, School Department.  It will remain up through March 2017.

•  Central Office Artwork currently on display through early June.

Dr. Sawyer -  Superintendent

Cooper Lindsey – SSS
Amanda Davieu – SMS
Mahir Sowad – Oak
Jocelyn Blanchette – Floral
Iliana Spahil – SMS
Zoe Tompsett - Coolidge

Ms. Mary Beth - Assistant Superintendent
Rylen Moore – SSS
Charlotte Coskie – SHS
Grady Mann – Beal
Benson Chi – SMS
Regian Ottaviano –SHS
Navyaa Ravi – Paton
Quiann Sun – Coolidge
Evelyn Lui –SHS
Luke Hansen - Floral

Mr. Collins
Avery Baccam – Floral
Alexandra Lekas – SHS
Julia Schaefer – SHS
Gayattri Kondabathini – SMS
Isabella Armstronh - SHS

Ms. Flynn
Xiya Zhou – Beal
Sylvai Dempsey - SMS

Payroll office
Srika Raviraj – Oak
Ryan Lee – Floral
Aishani Mukherjee –Beal
Caroline Cook – SSS
Danielle King – SHS
Lucia Commito – SHS
Adhav Ramprasad – Beal

Ms. Barb Malone
Alyna Eggleston – SSS
Michael O’Connor –SHS
Ksheeraja Ramanujam – Oak
Abena Gyampo –SHS
Vanessa Forbid – SMS
Camille Teuscher – Floral
Camdyn Duquette – SMS
Logan Peterson – SHS
Shreya Holla – Beal
Alyssa Zhang - Coolidge

Ms. Elizabeth Callahan
Arjun Mohandass – Coolidge
Keira Holmes – SMS
Aranno Chakraborty – Flroal
Rida Amroze – SHS
Suriya Selvakumar – SHS
Rishit Avadhuta –Floral
Kate-Lynn Osei-Boateng   ~Cooldige
Gabriel Queiroz – SHS
Nick Giarrusso – Floral
Ethan Barnes – Floral
Lily Dickensen – Floral
Riley Cotter – SMS
Mikhal Weyer- SHS
Nishta Kumar – Floral
Haley Roche – Oak
Alix Barry – SHS

Ms. Elizabeth Callahan’s office
Layla Nayfeh – SHS
Kora Blaisdell – SHS
Kyle Drelinger – SHS
Taotao Li – SMS
Ana Badstubner – SHS
Tasneem Mohammed - SHS



•  CONGRATULATIONS to the following art staff who were recipients of an SEF Grant.

- Mrs. Fox, Ms. Kunar, Mrs. LeBlanc, Ms. Williams, and Mr. Wilson.  Detailed information and a complete listing of grants can be found here.

Black History Month - SHS will hold the Black History Assemblies on February 17th, at which time you will also see an installation of work from the SHS community expressing their "Perspectives" through art and/or writing.  We welcome those visiting the high school to check out the work which will be exhibited in the commons through February.  *Special thanks to the Shrewsbury Education Foundation (SEF) for supporting this project through grant funding along with Mr. Phil Lacroix and the students at Assabet Valley enrolled in the Drafting and Design Technology program.  Together they worked on drafting and laser cutting approximately 150 puzzle pieces...WOW!

Image below is a visual of how the artwork comes together as one collaborative installation.


•  Boston Globe Winners have been announced!  For a complete listing and information, please visit our "Recognitions" page.  (Left Tab)

Congratulations to all participants!


•  Anna Maria Winners have been announced!  For a complete listing and information, please visit our "Recognitions" page.  (Left Tab)

Congratulations to all participants!

•  CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Whittemore, Spring Street Art Teacher on winning the UPPERCASE and Windham Fabrics New Designer Competition!  Her work was chosen as the winner from a pool of 788 applicants to receive a licensing deal from Windham Fabrics for her own fabric collection. The links provide you a peak into her work.



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