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Mission & Vision Statement

The Visual Art Department fosters an inclusive learning environment.  We focus on creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the development of innovative technical skills. Our vision is for students to be open-minded, culturally aware, responsible contributors, developing a life-long appreciation for art.    


New Face at SHS 

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Gerry Knall.  Mr. Knall is a student teacher, seeking his educational licensure from Grand Canyon University.  He is working with Mrs. Kristine Cobb and her students, completing his student teaching at the end of the semester.

December 2017 - February 2018


Dr. Sawyer, Superintendent

Sissy Han – Oak

Sarah King – SHS

Natalie Reynolds – SHS

Tierney Murphy – Spring

Erin Considine – Floral

Ryan Aloisi - Floral


Mrs. Clouter, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Sissy Han – Oak

Sarah King – SHS

Natalie Reynolds – SHS

Tierney Murphy – Spring

Erin Considine – Floral

Ryan Aloisi - Floral



Mr. Collins, Assistant Superintendent for Operations and Finance

Emily Lio – SHS

Matthew khozam – Coolidge

Joshika Katakam - Beal


Ms. Flynn (Finance Office)

Alisa Korteleva – SMS

Lucia Greene – Oak

Kathleen Wang - SHS


Payroll office

Teja Mamidala – Paton

Rene Roustand – Oak

Anvitha Vangara – SMS

Leila Pathirana – SHS

Mary Jane Pratt – Oak

Kate Marshall – Oak

Gabriella Goodier – Coolidge

Brandon Brault - Beal


Ms. Barb Malone, Director of Human Resources

Juliette Smieszek – SHS

Brennan Young – SMS

Taoto Li – SMS

Gitika Gupta – Flroal

Jackie Powell – SHS

Akintya Sirsiwal – Paton

Carl Lund – SHS

Ashley Li – Spring

Erin Williams – SMS

Martin Reeve - SMS


Ms. Fitzpatrick (outside office)

Cynthia Chen – Spring

Emma Olson – Floral

Teagan Cavanaugh – Floral

Divya Singh – Coolidge

Sabine Mende – SHS

Sujal Gurung – SMS

Claudia Clermont – SHS

Kevlon Sango – Spring

Riya Dhingra – Coolidge

Rachael Laikangbam – SMS

Connie Yu – Beal

Alison Clark – SHS

Julia Azzarone - Paton

(Inside office)

Ameen Al Wattar – Beal

Samantha Ljunggren – SHS

Drew Hartelius – SHS

Kaleb Lacroix – Paton

Nishaa Babu – Paton

Abigail Thompson - Coolidge


Check out the link below from the Memory Project completed in June 2017.  The children in Tanzania loved their portraits! Thank you to the NAHS members for providing the students with these special gifts.






Upcoming Events

There are currently no events available.

Boston Globe Scholastics Art Competition


Anna Maria College Secondary Art Competition