Reports and Presentations


June 14, 2017

FY2017 Budget Status:  Final Report

2017 Retiree Recognition Memo

Memo re: Non-Classified Staff Hourly Rate Adjustments/COLA

Pay Rate Spreadsheet

Field Trip Permission Form

School Committee Policy #537

Martinique Field Trip Memo

Martinique Field Trip Proposal

June 7, 2017

MASC-Recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission

Foundation Budget Review Commission Final Report

Enhance Learning Through Technology Report
Enhance Learning Through Technology Slide Presentation
Amended Agreement for Assabet Valley Collaborative


May 24, 2017

Project 351 Ambassador Nomination Memo

Project 351 Slide Presentation

Engaging & Challenging All Students Report

Engaging & Challenging All Students Slide Presentation

Extended Learning Programs Report

Extended Learning Programs Slide Presentation

School Safety & Security Report

School Safety & Security Slide Presentation

May 10, 2017

Memorandum of Understanding - COFCU

Student Advisory Committee Agenda

Profile of a Graduate Report Memo

Profile of a Graduate Report  Working Draft
Profile of a Graduate Working Group  Roster
Profile of a Graduate Slide Presentation
Strategic Priority - Increasing Value to the Community Report
Strategic Priority - Increasing Value to the Community Slide Presentation
Article 13 Recommendation Memo
School Committee Policy 912 Sponsorship and Advertising
May 3, 2017 Workshop

Resume and references of Dr. Jane Lizotte, Principal of Sherwood Middle School

Resume and references of Ms. Amy Clouter, Principal of Coolidge Elementary School

Suggested Interview Questions for the Assistant Superintendent position from Dr. Sawyer

Pre-employment Inquiry Info

April 26, 2017

Class of 2017 Senior Scholars Report

SHS Mathematics Department Report

SHS Mathematics Department Slide Presentation

Superintendent’s FY18 Budget Recommendation Memo

FY18 Operating Budget Recommendation Spreadsheet

FY18 Budget Reduction Plan Spreadsheet

Town Manager’s Fiscal Projection Spreadsheet
FY18 Line Item Budget


April 12, 2017
March 29, 2017
FY 2016 Average Per Pupil Expenditure Report
Superintendent’s Goals Memo
SHS Boys Ice Hockey Team Roster
March 18, 2017 - Joint Meeting with Finance Committee

Predictable Budget Concerns Slide Presentation

FY 2018 School Department Budget Update

FY 2018 Budget Reduction Plan Spreadsheet

March 15, 2017

Charter School & School Choice Annual Report Slide Presentation

Fiscal Projections Subcommittee Slide Presentation

Superintendent’s Goals Memo
March 13, 2017 Workshop
March 1, 2017

Curriculum and IT Budget Report

Curriculum and IT Budget Slide Presentation

Garden Donation from Home Depot Report

Student Advisory Council Agenda

SEA Unit B Contract Memo

SEA Unit B Salary Spreadsheet

SEA Unit B Memorandum of Agreement

2017-2018 School Year Calendar

School Fee Survey Report

FY17 Budget Status Report

FY 18 Fee & Tuition Superintendent’s Recommendation


February 8, 2017

Special Education Annual Report


Special Education Annual Report Slide Presentation


School Year Calendar 2017-18 Draft


FY 2018 Budget Update Slide Presentation


FY 2018 Fee Projection Spreadsheet


FY 2018 Fee Memo


Emergency Response Equipment Donation Memo


Fiscal Projection Subcommittee Slide Presentation (Revised)


January 25, 2017
SHS Program of Studies 2017-18 Memo
SHS Program of Studies 2017-18 Draft
SHS Program of Studies Slide Presentation
School Committee Policy 941 Proposed Changes Draft
School Committee Policy 942 Proposed Changes Draft
FY 2018 Superintendent's Budget Recommendation
FY 2018 Budget Slide Presentation
Assabet Valley Collaborative Mortgage:  Notice of Application for Mortgage
Letter to Board of Selectmen regarding Town Manager Attributes


January 11, 2017

State of the District Report

State of the District Slide Presentation

School Committee Policy 941 Draft

School Committee Policy 942 Draft

Financial Projections Subcommittee Slide Presentation
Student IT Pay Rate Memo

Performance Evaluation of the Superintendent Report
January 5, 2017 Workshop

Budget Workshop Materials

December 21, 2016



Memo on Beijing Chinese Language School of MA donation


SHS American Studies Project Directions

SHS American Studies Project Rubrics

Memorandum of Agreement for SEA Unit A

Memo on SEA Negotiations
Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services Annual Report 2015-16
December 14, 2016 Workshop

Budget Workshop Materials

December 7, 2016

NESDEC Enrollment Projection

Town Manager’s Enrollment Projection

Assabet Valley Collaborative 1st School Committee Report

Enrollment Projection Presentation Slides

Enrollment Projection Report

Student Advisory Council Agenda

SHS Testing Report

SHS Testing Slide Presentation

State Testing Report

State Testing Slide Presentation


November 16, 2016

SHS Future Plans Report

PreK-12 Enrollment/PreK-8 Class Size Report

SHS Class Size Report Narrative

SHS Class Size Report Counselor Caseloads

SHS Class Size Report SPED Caseloads

SHS Class Size Report Spreadsheet

Background Checks - Revised School Policy 635A

Physical Restraint - Revised School Policy 325

Revised School Policy 751 - Drug & Alcohol Use

Proposed School Policy 542 - Education/Drug & Alcohol Use

Beal Feasibility Study Memo

Enrollment Presentation Slides

SHS Future Plans Slides

SHS Class Size Slides

November 9, 2016

MSBA Enrollment Certification Letter

Beal Project Update Report/Presentation Slides

Memo on Background Checks

SC Policy 635A /Revision Drafts Background Checks

Memo on Physical Restraint

SC Policy 325 Revision Draft - Physical Restraint

SC Policy 751 Memo

SC Policy 751 Revision Draft - Substance Abuse

School Committee Policy 751A Proposed Revisions

Existing SC Policy 751

FY 2017 Grants Report

Staffing Report Presentation Slides

Staffing Report Memo

Staffing Report Spreadsheet

FY 2017 Budget Update

SHS Athletic Campus Improvements/Turf Reports and Slide Presentation

October 19, 2016

Alternative Infill Comparison

Envirofill Lab Test Results

FY 2018 Budget Guidelines & Priorities

Federal Research on Recycled Tire Crumb Used on Playing Fields

Gale Letter To Planning Board

Loudon Cost Comparison

MA Department of Public Health FAQs on Artificial Turf Fields

Naming Rights Legal Opinion Report

SHS Athletic Campus Evaluation and Feasibility Study Draft

SHS Athletic Campus Improvements Presentation Slides

USG Envirofill Product Overview

Wellesley Turf Field Maintenance Costs Report

Innovation in Learning Team Report

Innovation Study Group Presentation Slides


October 5, 2016

2016 Annual Athletics Report

2015-2016 Annual Concussion Report

2015-2016 Annual Nursing Report

FY 2018 Budget Development & Priorities Guidelines Draft

Department of Nursing Presentation Slides

Concussion Presentation Slides

Athletics Presentation Slides

September 21, 2016

Student Advisory Committee Presentation

SHS Class Rank Report

SHS Class Rank Presentation

MA Treasurer Innovation Fund Grant Report

Charter School Question 2 Memo

Charter School Enrollment & Tuition Report

Transportation Report Presentation

Video Security Report Presentation

Superintendent's Interim Goals Report


September 14, 2016

Student Activity Fund Audit Memo

SHS Student Activity Fund Report

Shrewsbury Middle/Elementary Student Activity Fund Report

2016 Personnel Report

Beal School Project Presentation

FY 2017 State Budget Update Memo

Analysis of State Aid FY 2017 Figure Four Report

FY17 Update-State Aid Programs for Elementary & Secondary Education

Summer 2016 Projects Report

Summer 2016 Projects Presentation

FY2018 Initial Budget Calendar

2016 Summer Programs Report

2016 Summer Programs Presentation

2016-17 Personnel Hiring Presentation

Bullying Annual Report Memo


September 7, 2016 Workshop

Discussion Agenda


August 24, 2016 Workshop

School Committee Meeting Dates & Potential Topics 2017-17 Document

Title IIA and Title III Review Summary

Special Revenue Funds Historical Data: FY 14-16 Memo

Facility Project Updates Memo

Travel Expenses Disclosure Document

Spring Street and Paton School Project Presentation

Title IIA and Title III Financial Review Memo

Coordinated Program Review 2016

Special Revenue Funds Spreadsheets

Special Revenue Funds Graphs

SAFIS (Fingerprint) Background Check Audit Memo

FY 2017 Special Education Program Plan Statement