Oak Summer Reading 2017

Oak Middle School Summer Reading 2017

May 2017

Dear Families,

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity for students and families to enjoy great books together!
The goal of the middle school summer reading program is to foster a love of reading. Reading over
the summer can also help students to maintain or even improve their reading skills. In order to meet
the needs of each students’ reading skills and interests, the Oak summer reading list contains a
variety of genres at various reading levels. Students should be encouraged to read books that match
their level of comprehension.

There is also a wide range of topics and themes that are represented in this summer reading list. As
always, parents play a critical role in helping their child to choose books that are best suited for
them. Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for families to help them understand the
nature of the content in the novels that their children are reading: commonsensemedia.org. Titles on
the summer reading list that contain content appropriate for more mature readers are noted with a *.

There are two sections on the summer reading list. One section is called Sponsored Novels. As a part
of a school-wide literacy initiative, students and teachers of Oak Middle School have selected one
novel that they will sponsor in the fall. These novels are included in the Sponsored Novels section.
All students must read at least one novel from the Sponsored Novels section. All Students must also
complete either the fiction graphic organizer or the non-fiction graphic organizer. Both of these
documents are available on the school website along with the summer reading list.

In the fall we will hold the “All-School-Summer-Reading Workshops”, where students will gather
together with the teacher who sponsored their novel and engage in activities related to that novel. It
is very important that all students read at least one novel from this list so that they can take part in a
summer reading workshop.

Once your child has selected and/or read their Sponsored Novel, log onto the PowerSchool parent
portal to sign your child up for their Summer Reading Workshop. To do this, log into your child’s
PowerSchool page, and click on “Summer Reading”. Students are also asked to read two other
novels from any part of the list - either the Sponsored Novel section or the Supplemental List.
Students will debrief these novels with their ELA teachers in the fall.

Although not required, we recommend that students use strategies to help them to engage in the text.
Some strategies may include keeping a reading journal or using sticky notes to annotate the book.
Students may also benefit from reading the same title as a friend or family member and engaging in
ongoing discussions about the book.

Summer reading books should be selected according to interest and independent reading ability. If
your child is struggling with a book, please have them try another text that more comfortably fits
their independent reading level. If your child is having difficulty finding an appropriate selection,
please contact Lisa Daly (ldaly@shrewsbury.k12.ma.us) and further accommodations may be

Best wishes for an enjoyable summer!

**Please make sure the reading list you are using is entitled  Oak Middle School 2017 Summer Reading List**