Daily results of the Annual Thanksgiving Drive 2107

November 13, 2017

every item helps
Student Voice would like to announce the daily results of its annual Thanksgiving Drive.  

The Turkometer is off to an albino start with 7 White scoring 198 points on this… our first day of the St. Anne’s Thanksgiving Drive.  Please visit our website for complete scores.

The Turkometer again points to 7 White scoring 439 points on this… our second day of the St. Anne’s Thanksgiving Drive.  Complete scores can be found on the Student Voice website

This year Saint Anne’s Church has requested that NO FOOD be collected. Please click this link to view items that St. Anne's would like donated for their Human Services.

Student Voice will be collecting these items from Tuesday, Nov. 14th through Tuesday, Nov. 21st.  Color Cup points will be awarded to teams bringing in the most items.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Millett or Ms. Luukko.  Thank you for supporting the drive!