iPad Backup Instructions

As with any technology, sometimes iPads have technical issues and it is important to protect your work by setting up automatic backups of your student iPad.

There are two main backup functions: iCloud backup and Notability backup. In order to ensure that all work is backed up, please ensure that both functions are set up and enabled, as per these instructions:

iCloud Backup

  1. Open the Settings icon on the iPad.
    iPad Settings icon
  2. To preserve iCloud space for backups, we recommend disabling backing up Photos to iCloud. To do so, tap iCloud in the left menu, then tap Photos.
    iCloud Photos settings
  3. Ensure that all three items under Photos are disabled (white, not green).
    iCloud Photos settings
  4. Tap < iCloud on the top of the screen to return to the iCloud settings.
  5. Tap Backup.
    iCloud Backup settings
  6. Ensure that iCloud Backup is set to on (green, not white).
  7. Look at the "Last Backup" time and ensure that it is recent. If not, tap Back Up Now.

Notability Backup

  1. Open the Notability app on the iPad.
  2. Tap the gear in the bottom left corner of Notability's toolbar.
    Notability gear icon
  3. Tap Auto-backup.
    Notability auto-backup button
  4. Tap Google Drive.
    Notability Google Drive selection
  5. Log in using your full school email address.
  6. Tap Allow when prompted after logging in.
    Notability Allow button

Notability's notes will automatically back up in PDF format to Google Drive going forward.

Please note: Enabling Notability "Safe Mode" may disable the backup. Please re-enable the backup if you use Safe Mode at any time.