Mrs. Nga Huynh
Director of School Counseling

Who is my child's School Counselor?


Class of 2016

A - Balmforth Mrs. Huynh
Barbour - Crutchfield Mr. Flynn
Cruz - Goodwin Mrs. Lussier
Golpal - Konz Mrs. O'Connor
Koppu - Mistry Ms. Eriole
Mitchell - Rajan Ms. Floyd
Ratan - Spangenberg Mr. Diamantopoulos
Srinivas - Z Mrs. Rice

Class of 2017

A - Baldino Mrs. Huynh
Balogun - Cresham-Mannion Mr. Flynn
Current - Giordano Mrs. Lussier
Godek - Lade Mrs. O'Connor
Laidlaw - Montague Ms. Eriole
Morin - Polito Ms. Floyd
Poojary - Smith Mr. Diamantopoulos
Smolinsky - Zona Mrs. Rice

Class of 2018

A - Balmforth Mrs. Huynh
Banat - Chan Mr. Flynn
Charest - Freud Mrs. Lussier
Garrido - Kareddy Mrs. O'Connor
Kasof - Miksis Ms. Eriole
Miller - Quinlivan Ms. Floyd
Radkowski - Steinbrecher Mr. Diamantopoulos
Stewich - Zona Mrs. Rice

Class of 2019

A - Chandra Mr. Flynn
Chapdelaine - DiGirolamo Mrs. Lussier
Doiron - Huda Mrs. O'Connor
Hussain - Marcotte Ms. Eriole
Mastromatteo - Pardim Ms. Floyd
Parikh - Sloan Mr. Diamantopoulos
Smith - Z Mrs. Rice

Counselor Appointments

Shrewsbury High School students can make appointments to meet their school counselor.  When making an appointment there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Try first making an appointment during a study in your schedule. If that is not possible, try scheduling during an elective.  Avoid scheduling during major classes (English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Language, Health,Gym (students need to make up any missed gym classes)).
  • Do not schedule an appointment with another student.
  • Appointments are not available after 2pm, unless with permission from your counselor.
  • Remember we have student interns to help you schedule your appointment. Be sure to stop in when you have a minute!