Funded Projects

During the 2015-2016 school year, The Colonial Fund received over $83,000 in donations.  These funds came from a combination of direct giving, proceeds from the First Annual Farmer's Market and Artisan Fair and the annual Road Scholars Race. See here for more details.  

Some of the dollars raised will be used for important equipment replacement at the high school TV studio.  

High School Educational Television Studio (ETS) upgrade ($32,000)

Most equipment in the TV Studio is 14 years old and has not been upgraded since the High School was opened in 2002.  An upgrade to HD would increase the reliability of ETS broadcast transmissions and allow the adoption of current broadcast/cablecast technology standards.

ETS is one of the district’s longest-running examples of Project-Based Learning environments.  For more than twenty years, ETS has been an important link between the Shrewsbury Public School system and the community. Students involved in the studio produce a wide range of programs that are cablecast on Shrewsbury Media Connection’s (SMC) educational access channel. Student-produced news, educational, artistic and documentary programs connect the community with the schools and the schools with each other. ETS students cover events in every school and at every grade level and provide support for classroom teaching through the production of educational videos. ETS also provides important vocational training for students interested in pursuing careers in video production, journalism and television as well as significant opportunities for students to express their creative and artistic visions.


The issues

-       The Educational Television Studio is currently able to cablecast programming from the Shrewsbury High School television studio in standard definition (SD) but the resulting broadcast has black bars on each side of the picture, resulting in a smaller picture that appears to be poor in quality on most HD television sets at home.

-       The outdated equipment is impeding on the vocational education of ETS students who are considering Communication, Film, and Broadcast Journalism careers because they are not working with equipment that meets current standards.

-       Shrewsbury Media Connection is currently able to re-cablecast our SD programs, although SMC is currently broadcasting an HD signal. However, they need to convert the format of every program prior to cablecasting so that they air properly and the resulting look of the conversion is again a smaller video on a large screen that appears somewhat blurry.


The Solution

-       Upgrading ETS to HD would provide increased reliability that would allow for unique opportunities for innovation and collaboration with all schools that is not currently available to the school district. This would result in a greater sense of community between all schools. ?

-       By upgrading the control room to HD, we will have a reliable transmission to both the town cable and the school district.

-       ETS would again be able to continue to provide consistent, high-quality programming to the town.

-       Numerous possibilities exist for utilizing the new equipment in conjunction with our network video distribution system to reliably transmit in-district programming to all schools, promoting 21st century skills such as Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Research and Information Fluency.


Equipment Purchased (total $32,000):

-       TriCaster Portable switcher

-       2 HD Cameras with SDI output (Serial Digital Interface)

-       Digital recorder

-       Switcher panel- compatible with the TriCaster

-       Digital Audio mixer ?

-       2 HD Video Monitors (at least 24 “) ?

-       Wireless headset System ?


-       HD Video Monitors (donated by Shrewsbury Media Connection)

For examples of the work ETS has produced, please visit here.