Food Service Online Payment

Online payment is now available at all schools.  All schools have implemented the Meal Magic Point-of-Sale System which has the capability of accepting online payments to your child’s account. 

We are very excited to announce that the district has partnered with SchoolPay, an online payment vendor to accept payments for food service.  We selected this vendor because of its ease of use, ability to accept credit card payments, and integration with the PowerSchool parent portal.  So, no additional user names or passwords are required. 

We encourage you to put money on your child’s food service account by following the directions below.  But first let’s answer a few of the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add money to my child's account?

Log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and follow the directions on this page.


How long does it take for the online payment to be credited to my child’s food service balance?

After a valid transaction is completed, your child’s account will be credited within minutes.


What forms of payment are accepted for online payment?

SchoolPay will accept credit or debit card payments from MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.


Is there a fee associated with the online payment transaction?

Yes, but the $1.95 convenience fee makes un-necessary the need for parents to provide cash on a daily basis or mail in checks to purchase meal tickets.  Also, you may add funds to the accounts of multiple children at the same time and only be assessed the $1.95.  For example, if you added $75 to your son’s account at the high school and $75 to your daughter’s account at Oak Middle, there would be only one convenience fee of $1.95 for the entire transaction.


Will I get a receipt or confirmation of the online payment transaction?

Yes.  Upon completion of a transaction, you will immediately receive a confirming email listing the individual amount added to each child’s account and the total transaction cost.


Does SchoolPay keep a record of my online payments so I can view them each time I log in?

Yes. You will be able to view all transactions for the school year by logging into your SchoolPay account via the PowerSchool parent portal.


What if I needed help completing an online payment transaction after reading the instructions?

You can call a SchoolPay representative at 1-888-886-9729 from 7am to 7pm Central Standard Time.


Instructions for Making Online Payments

  1. Access your PowerSchool Parent Portal account.
  2. Click on the "Payment Center" link on the lower left menu - circled red in the picture below.
    Screenshot of the Payment Center icon on the bottom left menu in the PowerSchool Parent Portal
  3. You will be re-directed to the SchoolPay website and see the screen below.  Click on LEFT icon named “New to SchoolPay”.  You may be prompted for some information but when you re-enter this screen will no longer appear.
    Screenshot of the One-time Authentication screen in SchoolPay
  4. Click on the Food Services menu on the left per the picture below:
    Screenshot of the Food Services menu item in SchoolPay
  5. Click on the One-time Payment icon in upper right.
    Screenshot of the one-time payment icon in the upper right corner of the SchoolPay screen.
  6. Follow instructions to make a payment.  Please note you will be required to add your address before selecting a payment option for credit card.
  7. If you have more than one child in the district, then you can add money to each child’s account and the entire transaction will be summed and the $1.95 is charged only once.  Obviously, this is more cost-efficient than doing it separately.  Also, it is more efficient to add a larger dollar amount fewer times in the year to reduce transaction costs.
  8. Upon completion of the transaction you will receive a detailed receipt via email.