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What is Destination Imagination (DI)?

Destination Imagination is a creativity program that allows students the opportunity to solve open ended team challenges. Each team will pick a challenge that they would like to tackle. The team manager acts only as a meeting facilitator. Each team member takes on a role for the meeting or the entire project. The team must develop a list of ideas, select the best idea, develop a plan, implement the plan, develop a story, usually with some sort of props, and present the story/solution.

Team member must do all of this while also practicing good team work and showing off their unique skills. This is an opportunity for them to really do what they love while building life long skills. 


What grades participate in DI?

The Shrewsbury DI program form teams – Rising Stars (grades 1-2), Elementary (grades 3-5), Middle (grades 6-8), High School (9-12)


How are DI teams formed?

Teams are formed with up to 7 children and two parent volunteer team managers. Forms will be submitted and based on common interests and available teams, team members will be assigned to managers. Existing teams are kept together if that is their wish. This year we will attempt to form teams at the information meetings. 


How does one become a DI team manager?

Team managers are parents who volunteer to coordinate and lead team meetings and there are DI manager training sessions in November and January. Parents who wish to volunteer fill out a registration form and must have a CORI form on file with the school district.


What is the cost to participate in DI?

Parents need to return a DI registration form, with the fee of $75. Students in grades 5th grade and up need to pay the school activity fee (which covers all activities in the school year). There is help available for students in the free or reduced lunch program. Students at Sherwood or Oak need to pay $50 and Shrewsbury High School students need to pay $100. The activity fee can be paid in power school and will cover all activities for the year. 

Project costs are split among the students and are typically $150 or less per team. 


Where do I find instant challenge information?

Here are a few sites you may use:

Here are some instant challenges for this year. 


How do members pay for materials needed for the challenge?

In general, it works well if each parent can contribute $40 towards the project cost and instant challenge materials. Most challenges have a budget of $150. This would leave extra for supplies that may be used to create items in the presentation, but that do not need to be put on the budget. 


How should I help the team stay organized?

I find that telling the team about roles is a good way to help them stay focused.

Meeting leader - has a list of topics that need to be covered that meeting
Time keeper - helps the leader keep on track
Scribe - takes notes of team actions during the meeting (could have more than one)
Appraiser - someone who watches the instant challenge and gives the team feedback on team work and helps to score the points
Materials manager - keeps track of materials for instant challenges and for the project as a whole
Decision maker - when there is gridlock for a decision, this person can help move things along / resolve conflicts
Designer  - someone who will actively create ideas, get the ball rolling for doing a task


What are the rules for meeting on school grounds?

Please refer to:

Also, fill out the Building Use Form


How are teams registered with MADI?

The town supervisor will register the team. The following information is required:

1) The team challenge your team has chosen.
2) All team members on your team (spelled correctly)
3) Team manager names (spelled correctly)
4) Your appraiser name. 



How do teams check for clarifications?

Go to the following website:


Does Shewsbury DI have a facebook page?

Yes it does!


How are meetings organized?

Meeting duration recommendation: 

  • Rising Stars: 1 hour
  • Grades 3 and above: 1.5 - 2 hours

Meeting locations:

Contact: Donna Manzoli for school facilities. (

  • Also, consider town library or rotating through student's houses (if team members agree).

Each individual team will decide what the best meeting time is for them. When the teams are assigned we will also share the "free times" applicants had mentioned in the enrollment form. 


Do you have any tips for doing instant challenges?

Yes, here is a resource. 


What do I do as a parent of a DI participant?

Check out this link.


Where can I find the rules for DI?

Go to this link to find the rules. 


Is Destination Imagination for high school students?

Yes, most definitely. High school students have different ways of participating:

  1. Start a team. The teams follow the same rules as all the other levels. DI is a great thing to put on your college resume. You build skills in teamwork, leadership, problem solving, creativity, and organization. You can also develop great friendships that will grow through working together. You can also create something you are proud of without anyone else telling you how it should be. 
  2. Become a manager. Helping a younger team succeed is a very fulfilling way to spend your time. It will be challenging, but you can certainly be proud when you get to the tournament. The other good thing about it is that being a manager counts for volunteer hours. 

There are also scholarships available for graduating seniors.


Do DI managers need a CORI form?

Yes, please see this form. Drop off at the town hall or your school office. 


How can I help volunteer (since DI is run on volunteers)?
Be a manager or assistant manager
Attend 2 training sessions
Help facilitate meetings
Coordinate meeting times and locations
Teams may not form without 2 managers
Will reduce student cost to $50 (from $75)
Fill out the form at [Manager Registration Form]
Be an appraiser
Attend one training session
Attend a tournament to help judge competition
Will reduce student cost to $50 (from $75)
Fill out the Appraiser Registration Form at


Eric Craft

Program Manager, Destination Imagination

Lavanya Thiagarajan

Assistant Manager, Destination Imagination